About Us

Happy Hands Methodist Preschool is a nonprofit corporation founded by Mrs. Bessie Cluts and the Lemont United Methodist Church. The Preschool was established in 1968 and is licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, in which we comply with all the standards put forth by that department.

Our Philosophy of LearningDSCN4413

We create a safe and happy place for preschoolers to learn in a warm and caring atmosphere. We bridge the gap from home to elementary school with a preparatory educational curriculum.  Emphasizing Christian values, we guide children to a continued good self-image while building social skills.

Sensory, motor, perceptual, creative, reasoning, math, science, reading and language skills are introduced through materials and activities, which are both child-centered and teacher-directed. Activities are planned which emphasize the process rather than the product, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Based on the theory that “children learn through play,” classroom routines encourage active involvement, meaningful experimentation and reinforcement through repetition. Schedules are designed to balance structure and free choice, as well as active and quiet times.

Recognizing that children grow in predictable stages, we treat each child as an individual, working from the level each child has attained and moving forward a step at a time. We teach a “love of learning” by allowing children to experience their own stage of development by helping them feel success without pressure.

Please read further about our successful curriculum here: Happy Hands Curriculum

Our Staff and Board

The faculty is staffed by professionals who are experienced, educated, and knowledgeable in Early Childhood Education.  Each staff member is extremely creative and uses their own talents and uniqueness to enhance each day’s activities inside the classrooms.

Happy Hands Methodist Preschool is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Meetings of the Board of Directors are held periodically throughout the year. Board members are appointed by the Director, Pastor and Administrative Council of the Church.

2016 Staff-2

Pictured: Front Row (L to R) Kristyn Coyle, Shelley Kocielko, Jennifer Tam, Courtney Cavett, Marilou Pupura, Yoriko Bacon

Back Row: Lisa, Bacigalupo, Donna Moone, Leslie Buch,  Karin Peraino, Mark Huegelmann, Amy Murphy, Linda Kennedy, Sara Sanderson, Cathy Oster