viele bemalte bunte KinderhändeHappy Hands has had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful children and their families over our 45 years teaching preschool. We are lucky to have parents who are proud to share their experiences about Happy Hands.

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to be a part of the Happy Hands family!  It is truly a magical place that fosters growth in so many ways: learning through an integrated curriculum, encouraging independence, supporting friendships and teamwork skills and embracing the importance of the art, music and motor!”
– Jenny & Kevin E.

“My children have both been attending Happy Hands since they were two and I can honestly not say enough good things about their experience.  They have both had wonderful teachers who not only have taught them so much, but also treat them so well.  You can tell the teachers really care about the students.  The school year is filled with so many fun activities including field trips, a fashion show and a trike-a-thon, just to name a few.  My children genuinely look forward to going to school every day and as a parent that is a great feeling.”
– Janell B.

“At Happy Hands, children are surrounded by dedicated and creative teachers.  My child comes home continuously with new art projects, singing new songs and talking about all of the learning activities that he did that day.  We have been impressed by the parent involvement, the attention given to lesson planning and the genuine compassion shown by all of the teachers.”
– Katie K.

“The school atmosphere is inviting and full of kind staff members.  Our daughter enjoys the activities offered and the small class size.  There are many opportunities to be involved with the school.  I would recommend Happy Hands to other families.”
– Michelle T.

“We happened to enroll our daughter in Happy Hands due to a clerical issue at another school, and what a happy error it has become! We couldn’t be more pleased with the school, her teacher, her classmates and the small class size.  We had no idea what we had been missing!”
– Stephanie B.

“My son is in the 3-year-old preschool class and I wish we had started when he was two.  He loves the hands-on program, his teacher and classmates.  The teachers, staff and the director are extremely helpful and informative.  We are blessed to be a part of the Happy Hands family-like community!”
– Happy Hands Parent

“I am extremely happy with Happy Hands Preschool.  My son is thriving and making friends.  His teacher is also a blessing and very helpful!  I am very happy to have my son at Happy Hands.”
– Happy Hands Parent

“Moving our son from his former preschool to Happy Hands has been the best decision we could have made for him.  He used to dread going to school, but now he looks forward to it, sprinting cheerfully to his classroom each morning.  Not only are the teachers and staff very warm and nurturing, but they are really helping to bring him out of his shell so he can fully enjoy the overall experience as he learns.  We also really appreciate the sense of community cultivated by Happy Hands and look forward to getting to know the staff and other families even better when our second child joins the Happy Hands family.”
– Sara H.

“We have been very pleased with our experience at Happy Hands!  The teachers and staff have created a kind and caring learning environment for our daughter.  They not only focus on academics, but also the social emotional growth of the students.  We are so impressed with Happy Hands that we plan on sending our younger daughter when she is old enough!”
– Aly & John S.

“I am very pleased with the education program at Happy Hands.  My daughter has been in the Young 3’s and has learned so much in the short time she has been there.  She looks forward to going to school every day.  She has so much fun doing arts & crafts, learning new songs, playing with her friends and most importantly learning the basics to prepare her for preschool.  Her teachers are wonderful!  They really have a hands on approach with each student and they make learning fun.  My daughter is only 3 and she can already recite the Pledge of Allegiance and knows her days of the week.  I think that goes to show how impressive the teaching is!  I would recommend Happy Hands to any parent looking to provide a fun and educational environment for their child.”
– Daria C.

“The Happy Hands Methodist Preschool curriculum of learning, faith, family and FUN has been a phenomenal experience! Our daughter started the school year as a very timid, shy and apprehensive individual. Her teachers have been a huge blessing! Their passion and enthusiasm are contagious! They have gone above and beyond to provide a wonderful learning environment. We have seen our daughter transform and “come alive” over the course of this school year.”
– Lindsay & Justin M.

“Some of the most rewarding things in life are the happiness of our children. Happy Hands, along with special thanks to the teachers for helping our son love to learn and grow with his fellow friends. Our son entered into Happy Hands only speaking Polish. His father and I were worried that he would have a hard time adjusting and understanding. We believe that is has been the undivided time and attention that his teacher displays as a wonderful educator and person that has helped him not only want to go to school but learn so much with each class. I have to remind him to speak to me in Polish sometimes so that he doesn’t forget the language! Once our daughter is ready for school she will attend Happy Hands!”
– Stella S.

“Happy Hands is such a wonderful preschool.  The teachers create a fun and loving atmosphere for the children.  Every time I walk in, all I see is smiles.  I am so happy I chose this preschool for my son and would recommend it to anyone.”
– Happy Hands Parent

“My children truly love their time at Happy Hands.  All the teachers are supportive, positive and warm people that make children feel at home and comfortable with learning.  This is so important in a child’s first learning experience away from their parents.  We have a son in the 4s program plus enrichment, and a daughter in the 3s program plus enrichment and Zumba.  Every day they come home with exciting stories about the things they learned, the songs they sing and the projects they are working on.  Happy Hands is amazing in its ability to make each child feel special and unique.  In addition to the variety of programs the school and children put on, Happy Hands focuses on children as individuals and allows each to show their own personality.”
– Happy Hands Parent

“As a mother with 5 children, 2 of which attend Happy Hands (and more to come through the doors), I could not say more positive words about our experience with the teachers, staff and students.  Each teacher provides personal, caring and confident learning experiences for my children.  In addition to the positive learning experiences at school, Happy Hands is a positive family atmosphere and truly emphasizes the entire family in a child’s learning experience.  My younger children feel as though they are a part of the Happy Hands family thanks to the teachers and the director.”
– Happy Hands Parent

“We had our daughter in Happy Hands for two years.  The amount of knowledge she received from the entire staff prepared her for her journey into kindergarten.  I also went to Happy Hands and wanted my children to have the same priceless experiences that I had.  We can’t wait to send our son there for the new two year old program.  Thank you so much Happy Hands for all you have done for our family!”